ERT provides specialist traveller eviction services in London to support the lawful removal of unauthorised individuals or groups. ERT has professionally qualified teams that are able to use a variety of techniques in order to manage traveller eviction in a respectable fashion, lowering the chances of further action.



Under common law, every landowner has the right to remove travellers that are illegally occupying commercial or residential land in order to regain possession. There are a variety of ways in which to enforce traveller eviction which depend upon the circumstances, whether it is by common law, civil procedures or the criminal justice and public order act. Our traveller eviction in London ensures that travellers are removed according to each law set out by the government and councils of London. By sticking to each requirement, we can ensure that our clients receive a complete traveller eviction package with a guaranteed abiding approach.



At ERT, we have highly qualified and certificated enforcement agents who are able to conduct the eviction of travellers in London. With an in-depth knowledge of laws and procedure, the ERT team are able to gain possession of your land for you, following all health and safety procedures in place to successfully complete our traveller eviction tactics. We are an elite team who are marketing leading within the industry and have an incredibly high success rate with our first-class solutions. Our agents are true specialists, with heaps of experience within the industry, providing traveller evictions throughout London.


If you are in need of post traveller eviction assistance, ERT is more than happy to find a solution to suit your needs. We have a wealth of services that can help prevent travellers from regaining access to your repossessed land in London. Just get in contact with our team now to explore our solutions. Learn more now

Traveller Eviction London FAQs

What is Traveller Eviction London?

Traveller eviction London is the process of removing travellers from private or public property. Also referred to as squatters, gypsies and new age travellers, these individuals or groups can be lawfully removed by enforcement teams under Common Law regulations. Travellers can also be lawfully removed with civil procedures or the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. All of these methods can be used for traveller eviction London, depending on the circumstances, and the Eviction Response Team will work with you to provide the right eviction response.

How Can Traveller Eviction London Help Me?

Traveller eviction London helps those who need help removing travellers from their land. The Eviction Response Team will work with each client, to ensure the right approach is taken and the situation is resolved. If your land is used for recreational or tourism purposes, the presence of gypsies could impact your business and visitor levels. Travellers might also cause damage to properties, generate high levels of noise, and abuse land owners. By using our traveller eviction London service, you can reclaim ownership over your property. 

Is Traveller Eviction London Lawful?

Yes. Traveller eviction London is achieved through Common Law, civil procedures and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. This same act declares that landowners possess the right to remove travellers from their property, with “reasonable force” if it’s required. Having an enforcement team to assist makes sure the removal of travellers from your land is legal and correct. ERT offers a traveller eviction London service, helping landowners remove trespassers from their property. We act under UK rules and regulations, ensuring our methods abide by the law and the rights of travellers.

How Long Does Traveller Eviction London Take?

Under Common Law, travellers have 24 hours to leave once you’ve asked them to depart from your land. If they still refuse to leave, then enforcement officers can get involved and remove travellers with reasonable force. If you choose a solicitor to assist you with traveller eviction London, it can take a minimum of two weeks for the case to be resolved, during which time you will incur legal costs. Removing travellers with a high court order is a faster process, between 3-4 days, but again legal costs need to be considered. 


A court order is not needed for Certified Enforcement Agents, like ERC, and our rapid response team ensures your property isn’t overrun for long. Our team of highly qualified professionals are experts in dealing with traveller eviction London, with in-depth knowledge of UK laws and procedures.

Can Travellers Return After Eviction?

Unfortunately, if the travellers were removed under Common Law in London there is no rule that states they cannot return within a certain period. They can return to your property until you decide to remove them again. However, it is still illegal for travellers in London to enter your private property without permission, and you still obtain the right to remove them. 


If the eviction involved a legal or court process, travellers aren’t allowed to return to the site within three months of the eviction date. By doing so they can procure a fine of up to £1000 and may even face further legal charges, such as imprisonment and vehicle removal.

Can Travellers Be Evicted From Public Land?

By settling on any land not owned by the travellers, they can be legally evicted from the London area even if it is public property. The council will often seek the assistance of the courts in order to remove travellers if they are posing as a danger or obstruction to the general public. Occasionally, local London councils will allow travellers to remain in areas of wasteland if the number of vehicles is appropriate for the area. 


When travellers settle on public land, the council will perform an assessment of the group and the area before deciding whether eviction is the appropriate choice. If the health of the travellers is at risk, the council might be reluctant to remove them.