Are protesters preventing you from being able to operate your business? Is your business located in Derby? County ERT are specialists in protester removal services. Our Derby protester removal team are experienced, skilled, highly qualified and have all the equipment that is required to undertake the lawful removal of protesters. If our protester removal team sounds like it could be beneficial to you and your business in Derby then get in touch with our Derby team today. You can call us on 01355906300 or fill in a contact form online.

What Does A Protester Removal Team Do?

At County ERT, our protester removal services are carried out by our highly experienced and trained Derby team. All our protester removals are carried out in a lawful manner for individuals who refuse to move of their own choosing. After receiving thorough training, our Derby protester removal team are able to use a variety of techniques to manage the protesters and remove them in a respectful manner, to decrease tensions. Our team is made up of certificated enforcement officers who are medically fit, qualified professionals and highly experienced in this sector supporting both private and public organisations. After our initial assessment of the situation, we are able to carry out our protester removal team as soon as we arrive in Derby.

We understand that activists and protesters may be a costly problem to landowners and local authorities alike. There is the potential for damage to buildings, as well as the land itself and the negative publicity it can entail. If you are in need of a protester removal team, ERT are the reliable professionals to trust. Give our Derby protester removal team a call on 0203 886 1024 now.

Protester Removal Team Derby Benefits

  • Well Planned and executed strategies for protester removal (Risk Assessment Method Statement RAMS.)
  • Experienced team with many years of experience
  • Proved casework of our tried and tested tactics
  • Consultation with our team before and any follow-up questions

County ERT

When it comes to these situations we draw from our wealth of knowledge and expertise in these areas. We work with you to ensure that our protester removal team focuses on a professional manner and one in which we get the job done. We avoid conflict as much as possible and reduce tension with our calming manner. Our aim is to protect your reputation and to carry out our safety procedures, to make sure everyone is safe. If you have any questions about our services or our protester removals then please get in touch with our Derby protester removal team today. We know that we can make a difference at your business in Derby. Contact us today on 01355906300 or fill out an online contact form below.