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County ERT Close Protection Knightsbridge

If you’re seeking Close Protection Knightsbridge,  County ERT provides industry-leading security services to offer you safety and complete peace of mind. By working with County you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed Close Protection Guards with expert knowledge and experience in operating within the safety sector in Knightsbridge.

Our premium bespoke Close Protection are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, ensuring that no additional expenses are proposed in place of your protection.

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Aid & Protect Close Protection Duties

We tailor our services to your needs taking into account your circumstances in order to help save you time and expenses. We are a market leading provider of Close Protection Knightsbridge.
Manning Positions

Our protester removal team are highly trained professionals able to manage protesters respectfully in any potentially hazardous situation.

Position Awareness

If you have unauthorised encampment on your land and are in need of an efficient traveller eviction service, then give ERT a call now.


If your commercial or residential property is being unlawfully or illegally occupied, ERT are able to help remove trespassers swiftly.

Unmatched Professionals Close Protection Knightsbridge

Our Close Protection Guards are licensed by the SIA, passing the training and exams, covering a range of scenarios, as well as health and safety. This training covers information on describing individuals based on a coding system, handling situations that may occur whilst on duty and other essential scenarios. Regardless of your reasoning behind enquiring for Close Protection Knightsbridge, we ensure your safety with immense knowledge and experience within the industry.

Furthermore, our Close Protection personnel will be briefed on set requirements when manning specific positions, as well as what the role endures. We provide this information as flexibility is key for our Close Protection Knightsbridge, understanding the ever-changing status of individuals. An example of these certain requirements may be regular checks or patrol routes that the client may want to cover at specific times.

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30+ years of experience

We are a long established business with many years of professional experience.

High Success Rate

Our many years of experience has given us an incredibly exceptional success rate.

24/7 Security Service

We'll make sure that re-entry isn't possible by preventing any attempts by persons unknown.

Clinical Background Checks Vetted & Highly Experienced Close Protection

Our Close Protection Knightsbridge personnel are screened for the benefit of the client, providing a trustworthy service, which is of the utmost importance for County. These screening methods are also thorough to ensure that our security guard candidates have the required amount of experience and training for their role. By doing so, we ensure that regardless of your sector or need behind enquiring about Close Protection Knightsbridge, our team is accurate, unresting and alert.

Through expert briefing, heaps of experience and a sheer passion for protection, our Close Protection personnel are ready to secure your safety in Knightsbridge. County pride ourselves on communication and are always willing to listen to our client’s needs and requirements. To enquire about our Close Protection Knightsbridge, be sure to contact our team for further information on what we can do for your scenario.

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