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    Protester removal

    Protester Removal

    ERT provide specialist technical protestor removal services to support the lawful removal of unauthorised individuals or groups. ERT have professionally qualified teams that are able to use a variety of techniques in order to manage and remove protestors respectfully.

    Our teams are certificated enforcement agents who are medically fit, qualified professionals and highly experienced in this sector supporting both private and public organisations. We are able to quickly attend sites to start the process of removal in order to clear them as soon as possible.

    We understand that activists and protestors may be a costly problem to landowners and local authorities alike. There is a potential for damage to buildings, as well as the land itself as well as the negatively publicity it can entail. If you are in need of protester removal, ERT are the reliable professionals to trust. Give our team a call on 0203 886 1024 now.


    Post Eviction Assistance

    After the removal of protesters, the site needs to be secured to prevent any further occupation or disruption to the area. We have a wealth of post eviction assistance services that can help keep your site secure. Having security guards and mobile patrols present can help lower the risk factor of protesters. Learn more now www.countysecurityuk.com/.

    Protester Removal FAQs

    What damage can protesters cause to your land/property?

    Protester removal is typically used to minimise damage to property/land. Protesters and activists can cause the following complications:

    • Damage to buildings – we have seen walls and ceilings pulled down, roof tiles ripped off, along with copper wiring & metal stripped and sold.
    • Damage to land – such as tunnelling, blockades, encampments
    • An enormous amount of rubbish and human waste being left behind
    • The arrival of other groups for extra support, as has happened on many high of our high-profile cases
    • Negative publicity generated for your business

    Do you carry out a risk assessment before protester removal?

    We always carry out a risk assessment before taking action, especially in the case of protestor removal. It is very likely that a specialist team will be needed to remove them in instances where they have locked themselves to structures or cemented themselves in. In certain tricky situations, we may need a professional team of tunnellers, abseilers, tree climbers to assist with the eviction process. We specialise in the removal of protesters no matter how awkward the scenario is. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our services in more detail.

    What happens after the protester removal has taken place?

    After the protester removal is successful and the activists are moved on their way, it is essential to thoroughly secure the site to prevent future occupation and /or disruption. This might include a perimeter wall or fence, security guards, possibly with dogs, CCTV, and remote monitoring. Our specialist eviction team will advise our clients on the best way to secure their site to prevent reoccupation. Our security team are able to advise on measures you should take to prevent occupation by protesters in the first place.

    Why Choose Us For Protester Removal?

    Our dedicated Eviction Response Team have the necessary training, operational understanding and experience to carry out the fast and effective removal of protesters. We manage and function in response to specialist and organised resistance including; tunnelling, climbing, lock-on and improvised structure construction.

    We have a wealth of experience operating in protestors, squatters, travellers. It is this experience that provides the exceptional success rate we have returning property or land to our clients. Post eviction, our team will help you prevent any attempt to regain the property. Their experience of points of entry and tactics used by squatters, persons unknown and protestors is unrivalled. You can have complete confidence that your property will remain secure from protesters.

    What is Technical Protester Removal?

    Technical protestor removal is the process of removing individuals from a location or property. When a protest takes place, the involvement of a specialist removal team might be needed if activists are being particularly difficult. Technical protestor removal works to withdraw protestors who might’ve locked themselves to structures or blocked themselves into a building. This removal is done in the safest way possible for both the activists and the property owners, working to minimise damage to buildings and land.

    Is Technical Protester Removal Lawful?

    Protesting in the UK is a legal practice and protestors do have certain rights, however, there are restrictions that some don’t abide by. Protesting on private land is classified as trespassing and any individuals involved can lawfully be removed. Eviction Response Team acts under Common Law, removing illegal protestors with no more force than is necessary. 


    Protesting on public property has different restrictions that must be followed. Enforcement teams are responsible for the health and welfare of the protestors they choose to remove, and so this process must be taken out carefully. Protestors on public property have more rights and therefore removing them might be more difficult. If they are posing a threat to pedestrians, traffic or property, they can be lawfully removed in the correct manner.

    How Does Technical Protester Removal Work?

    Technical protestor removal is the process of removing protestors from public or private property, with the assistance of an enforcement team. If you need protestors removing from your land, contact Eviction Response Team to start the procedure. Our team of qualified professionals will work with you, quickly attending the site and removing unauthorised protestors. The lawful practise is completed with various techniques, such as climbing and lock-on removal, depending on the state of the protestors. 


    After the process has been completed, we offer assistance to secure the site and prevent any future protestors from gaining access. Our services include security guards and mobile patrols, to lower the risks of further damage being done. If you are curious about the services we provide, give our team a call on 0203 886 1024.

    What is an Unlawful Protest?

    An unlawful protest, also known as an unlawful assembly, is a protest that doesn’t abide by UK laws and regulations. This could be activism on private property or protests that endanger other members of society. If you believe a protest is unlawful, you can contact enforcement teams to deal with the situation and remove protesters from the location. Protests that involve criminal activity are also unlawful and can be removed with the assistance of technical protester removal teams. 


    Whilst the right to protest is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights 1953, individuals must still abide by certain guidelines to ensure a lawful and peaceful protest.