Do you need eviction services at your property? Have your current tenants living in Deal failed the tenancy agreement? ERT is here for you, we know that most landlords see their property as an investment. They rely on it as part of their livelihoods and just one non-paying tenant can send their finances into difficulty. At County ERT we are here to assist you with evictions – Our Deal team are highly skilled, experienced and have everything required to get the job done. Your property will soon be back in your hands, we are just one phone call away. Call our Deal team 01355906300 or fill in our contact form online.

Our Eviction Services

Our Deal team will have a consultation with you so we can determine the best course of action to take. It is essential that all the correct paperwork has been completed to carry out our eviction services. If just one of the requirements has not been met, either before you let a property to a tenant or before you serve a notice seeking possession, this can delay and in some cases prevent you obtaining possession of a property. If you are unsure of any of this then make sure to get in touch with our Deal team today. We have dealt with many evictions over the years and we are well aware of what needs to be done. We have tried and tested a number of techniques to achieve the intended result.

Eviction Deal
Eviction Deal

Advantages of Eviction Services

  • Our legal services can help you avoid the expense of solicitors’ fees.
  • Extensive knowledge of legal advice
  • Competitive legal rates
  • Professional eviction company

County ERT

No landlord wants to be in the situation of needing legal services, but if you do find yourself in that position, County ERT are here to help. When it comes to these situations, we draw from our wealth of knowledge and expertise in these areas. We work with you to ensure that our eviction service is carried out in a professional manner and one in which we get the job done quickly and efficiently. We avoid conflict as much as possible and aim to reduce tensions with our calming manner. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our eviction service then please get in touch with our Deal team today. We know that we can make a difference and give you peace of mind with our track proven record of successful evictions. Contact a member of our Deal team today or fill out a contact form below.